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Bug#727708: Both T and L are wrong, plea for something simpler


Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:
> Quite frankly, given that all members of the TC have by this point weighed
> in with their preference on the "systemd vs. upstart" question and these
> preferences can be tallied by hand, I don't think there should be any doubt
> as to how the vote on that core question will go.  So I don't think any
> maintainers should feel blocked on this by the lack of a formal vote;

I think it would be good for the project to already vote on the default
init question. Having a first result would take a lot of pressure from
the commitee and restore trust that you will be able to find a solution
for the project (which I think a non-negligible number of people is
losing right now).

> I certainly don't think that the conclusion of the vote is the only blocker
> for switching the default init system in jessie today, what I've seen
> suggests that systemd integration is currently in a state that would cause
> terrible regressions for many server users.

I'm not sure of that (and would leave this to the systemd maintainers),
but it would probably take at least a few weeks of preparation in any


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