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Re: Processed: block 726763 with 727708

On Sat, Feb 01, 2014 at 01:42:23PM -0800, Josh Triplett wrote:
> The block added above simply reflects the many comments from GNOME folks
> (and systemd folks for that matter) saying that they're waiting for the
> fallout to clear before making any drastic changes.  Furthermore, it
> reflects the reality of the current situation: you explicitly stated in
> the bug log of 726763 that systemd-shim was not ready to serve as an
> alternative to GNOME (though with different assumptions about how to
> resolve that), and you furthermore objected to the suggestion of
> resolving the situation by adding a recommends on systemd-sysv.  Thus, I
> don't see any obvious action the gnome-settings-daemon maintainer could
> take at this point to resolve 726763 without drawing ire.

Ok, it seems that wherever I sent my previous note about how I thought this
should be fixed, it didn't actually manage to go to the bug log.  Sorry
about that.

While I think the Depends: systemd should be dropped (via a split of the
systemd package), that's not required for fixing the present problem.  That
can be addressed by having gnome-settings-daemon Depends: systemd,
systemd-shim | systemd-sysv.

Would the GNOME maintainers be willing to upload such a change?  Or would
they be ok with me NMUing gnome-settings-daemon for it?

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