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Bug#727708: multiple init systems - formal resolution proposal - Don't like software, don't use it. Absolutely.

Matthias Klumpp dixit:

>What would happen if we adopted systemd?

The project would lose (a different set of) contributors and users.

The OSS ecosystem would lose, vendor-lock-in would ensue in a way
even worse than the FSF does, and the remnants of Unix/GNU in Debian
would die, to be replaced by FLOS. The last “big” outpost of inde‐
pendence would go away. I don’t know which OS I’d use in place of
Debian then (probably rather OpenBSD than Gentoo), in the places
where I’m currently using, supporting or pushing Debian.

Debian would follow the path of Red Hat, Inc.

The LSB would die.

The LPI people would probably rejoice, as they could drop
everything other than systemd configs…

Every single Unix or GNU sysadmin would have to relearn
basically everything about system/service management.

Oh, and don’t let me get started on “journal”…

And, finally – last but definitely not least – nobody knows
what Lennart and Co. would drop onto our heads *next* time.
Or the GNOME people. And, by then, switching away would be
even *more* reluctant work.

>software written by Lennart fixes issues. That's why Wayland uses it
>and an X patch is pending, to make some new scenarios with X possible.

It also creates lots of issues (a common way to fix audio
problems on contemporary Debian is “purge pulseaudio”, I
kid you not!), and not everyone needs all those scenarios.

I don’t mind Debian permitting people to use systemd as
long as sysvinit support stays mandatory, and it is possible
to install a Debian system without systemd/GNOME without
needing to go through unreasonable things. Otherwise… well.

>In the end: Dropping GNOME or systemd does not fix issues but is only

Well, it _would_ fix the current clash *and* give clear
signals into the direction of KDE and hopefully XFCE people.
Also, it would signal to people that they cannot just take
over the entire OS like that.

Distributions are *not* meant to be there to just look and
do the same. Rather, the contrary. While their initial and
foremost purpose is to make the bunch of packages in the GNU
ecosystem installable and harmonise with each other, their
job is also to offer a diverse choice.

And the GNOME/systemd people are invited to make their dream
of the FLOS GNOME OS into a Debian derivate or Pure Blend.

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