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Bug#727708: multiple init systems - formal resolution proposal - Don't like software, don't use it. Absolutely.

Matthias Klumpp dixit:

>2014-01-30 ChaosEsque Team <chaosesqueteam@yahoo.com>:
>>  [bullshit]

This was actually *not* bullshit. The delivery of most of the
content could use some polishing, but the content is a(n inconvenient)

>Wasn't there some kind of a ban applied here?

Apparently not, but it’s better that way, as the reasoning
was something along the lines of the messages being off-topic,
which they are clearly not, so I believe the ban to be in
error, anyway.

<diogenese> Beware of ritual lest you forget the meaning behind it.
<igli> yeah but it means if you really care about something, don't
    ritualise it, or you will lose it. don't fetishise it, don't
    obsess. or you'll forget why you love it in the first place.

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