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Bug#727708: Re: Bug#727708: multiple init systems - formal resolution proposal - Don't like software, don't use it. Absolutely.

 >If you don't like the software, don't use it.

Absolutely. But that is not really an option that is to be afforded to all of us if
the systemd guys successfully have their way with linux.

It would be nice if they afforded us such a freedom, but their statements 
and their actions suggest that this would be a one way street:

They "convince" as many pieces of the "software stack" as possible
to depend on systemd, and we can go use "an embedded system or something"
(yes that's a quote from one of the systemders) if we don't like it.

When they came here their proposal was to remove all other init systems 
from Debian, and force everyone to use systemd.

They are here to conquer. In time the statement would read:
"If you don't like systemd, don't use linux - get a mac or something *SNCR*"

They have conquered a good number of other distributions, now it is time
to bring Debian, too, into the fold.

>Given that, your opinions about the quality of GNOME upstream development
>don't seem relevant to the problem we're trying to resolve.  If you don't
>like the software, don't use it.  And please don't hold opinions about the
>proper packaging of software you don't like and don't believe is
>well-written!  That's just intensely irritating and comes across as
>malicious sniping.  Let the people who are interested in making the
>software work figure out what that entails.

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