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Bug#727708: multiple init systems: We have to see it for what it is: Lennart/Linux OS. Not.

>This bug discussion is already quite long and protracted, and it would be
>easier for those following it if strategic discussions of how to drive the
>future of Linux could be moved to other, more appropriate forums where
>they have a better chance of finding their audience.

It's either Lennarts way or the highway.
He and his have declared the unix way dead, his fanboy developers
join other pivotal projects and subvert them from the inside.

>But the role of the Technical Committee on these sorts of discussions is
>reluctant and trailing-edge, not visionary and bleeding-edge.  We're a
>decision-making body of last resort called on to make decisions when the
>project needs to have a decision and the correct option isn't clear.  As a
>result, we have to deal with the practical, concrete, and currently
>available.  We are neither empowered to, nor in a position to, set grand
>design strategies for what other developers might work on, only to decide
>how to integrate the code we have available to us now in places where the
>right decision is not clear.

I wish the "bleeding edge" trail-blazing crap Lennart and crew stuff down our
throats was rejected. Virtually all of his followers say that systemd must be
the one true way or be prepared to go and fork all the projects that "rely"
on it now (and in the future). Maybe that should be done.

Their idea of a universal operating system is one where all opposition is 
crushed. Aka europe a few centuries ago.

For the record: I have forked opensource projects at points where they started
removing features or went in another direction, or had an as hole of a developer
take over the project and pretty much become king of it (the king of NO). These
are and were videogame projects so I guess aren't relevant. But to the "go
and fork it"... yea I've done it. Turns out fine. I got a concrete base, they go
off into loopy land. When they fix bugs or security issues I back port the few
lines manually.

Those who have a userspace kernel to compete with the real linux kernel, and 
feel we must all use it, do not want to hear reasons why we shouldn't be forced
to use it:
"Just fuck off, this bug has already enough crap even without your fanatic bullshit."
--Ondřej Surý ondrej@sury.org

Yea, I'd better shut up.

Honestly. I, and many many many others, do NOT WANT SYSTEMD.
We do not want to be forced or cajoled into using it.
NOR do we want to be PUNISHED for not using it.
"heheh yea you don't have to use it, but nothing will work on your system lolz hahhahah!"

The systemd people seem to hate freedom and choice. They seem to be 
totalitarians. Why must we be forced to use their "software stack"
Why do we have to accept their tendrils needlessly corrupting every 
free-software project that is at the "core" of Gnu/Linux?

Alot of the software is great as-is. How about keeping it pre systemd infection.
Let the systemd church have it's own system. Please do not make it hard
for us to have ours separate from them. They are taking over everything
that is good in linux, and they do not respect anyone.


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