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Bug#727708: init system gr override - formal resolution proposal

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> I hereby propose the following resolution:
>   1. The Technical Committee does not wish any resolutions it passes
>      about the init system question(s) to stand in the face of any
>      contrary view expressed by a majority of the Developers in a
>      General Resolution.
>   2. Accordingly, all TC decisions (past and future) related to init
>      systems, which do not specify otherwise, should be read as
>      including the following rider:
>        | This decision is automatically vacated by any contrary
>        | General Resolution which passes by a simple majority.
>        | In that case the General Resolution takes effect and
>        | the whole of this decision is to be taken as withdrawn by the
>        | TC (i.e. as if the TC had explicitly withdrawn it by a
>        | subsequent TC resolution).
> Please send comments, or formal amendment proposals, by 2014-01-28
> 17:00 UTC.  I will call a vote on some version(s) then.

I would strongly prefer you time-bound such a resolution.  Burdening all
*future* technical committees with an exception to the constitution they
must remember and handle seems unkind.  

An easy change would be to replace "(past and future)" with "prior to
the jessie release", or similar?


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