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Bug#727708: init system gr override - formal resolution proposal

I hereby propose the following resolution:

  1. The Technical Committee does not wish any resolutions it passes
     about the init system question(s) to stand in the face of any
     contrary view expressed by a majority of the Developers in a
     General Resolution.

  2. Accordingly, all TC decisions (past and future) related to init
     systems, which do not specify otherwise, should be read as
     including the following rider:
       | This decision is automatically vacated by any contrary
       | General Resolution which passes by a simple majority.
       | In that case the General Resolution takes effect and
       | the whole of this decision is to be taken as withdrawn by the
       | TC (i.e. as if the TC had explicitly withdrawn it by a
       | subsequent TC resolution).

Please send comments, or formal amendment proposals, by 2014-01-28
17:00 UTC.  I will call a vote on some version(s) then.


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