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Bug#727708: On diversity

On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 03:23:32AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
>   [non-essential-init] In order to allow Debian users and developers
> to easily design, test and deploy alternative init systems both now
> and in the future, no init system in Debian should be provided via an
> Essential:yes package.
>   [init-crossgrades] In order to provide a good user experience when
> switching init systems, maintainers of init systems other than the
> default should test converting both to and from their init system, and
> that the system is able to correctly shutdown and restart after
> transitions to different init systems.

IMHO in init-crossgrades the "init systems other than the default should"
has to be replaced with "all init systems have to".

Not being able to switch away from the default init system (that you are 
e.g. getting with a fresh installation) would completely undermine your 
goal of allowing users to easily switch init systems.

And "should" sounds too optional - if "switching init systems" is 
considered important, then that has to be a requirement for any
init system for being shipped in a release.

> Cheers,
> aj



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