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Bug#727708: On diversity

(Thorsten: your message went to debian-ctte@lists when it should have
gone to the bug report.  Can you try to make whatever cause that not
do that again please ?

Philipp: therefore, your message also went to the list directly and
not via the bug.)

Philipp Kern writes ("Re: Bug#727708: On diversity"):
> On 2014-01-21 19:04, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> >>  [systemd-portability] Maintainers should be aware systemd relies
> >> heavily on cgroups and potentially other Linux-only features, and thus
> > This is also heavy on kernel configs, FWIW. But the question here
> > is: will maintainers please set the Architecture field of their
> > source packages *not* to “all” but only to those it’ll build/work
> > on?
> They should not. If you require systemd at runtime, build-depend on it 
> and you will not be scheduled on other architectures. Of course we push 
> this more and more which makes accurate statistics of what's 
> legitimately excluded on an architecture to calculate coverage a bit 
> harder. But it is still possible, especially if we have highly visible 
> nodes like systemd in the graph.

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