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Bug#727708: On diversity

On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 01:17:13AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

>  d) [are packages likely to start depending on
> localed/hostnamed/timedated/machined/??? in the same way as logind
> such that it would need to be available outside systemd for upstart to
> be a useful init?]

GNOME certainly uses these interfaces already.  Whether they should be
considered a "dependency" or not is probably something that should be left
to the maintainers' discretion.  But I think they should certainly be
handled the same way as logind, generally - with a dependency on some
virtual package that other implementations could provide (or that can be
provided by a binary package from systemd source that doesn't depend on pid
1 - since these dbus services all work fine on non-systemd systems, and
there's no technical reason that should ever change given the function of
the services in question).

> I think (a) and (b) are pretty non-controversial. (c) and (d) are
> required if we want to deal with new GNOME stuff and anything other
> than systemd probably, and don't seem very hard to either do or
> document. (e), (f) and (g) seem like a fairly straightforward of
> allowing for multiple init systems in Debian. I think something like
> (i) might be a good way of sunsetting tech ctte decisions so if
> there's an actual consensus in future, there's no need to get a
> pro-forma vote from the ctte to make changes in future. YMMV of
> course.

For my part I think this is generally a good idea, but I have the impression
that at least Russ would be strongly opposed to this because it's too
prescriptive.  Probably not much sense in fleshing out such a resolution if
there's not a consensus for it.

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