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Bug#727708: init system discussion status

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
> | Choice of init system:
> | 
> | 1. The default init(1) in jessie will be upstart.
> |
> | 2. Architectures which do not currently support upstart should try to
> |    port it.  If this is not achieved in time, those architectures may
> |    continue to use sysvinit.  [ Non-use of upstart should not be a
> |    criterion for architecture qualification status in jessie. ]
> | 
> | 3. At least in jessie, unless a satisfactory compatibility approach is
> |    developed and deployed (see paragraph 10), packages must continue
> |    to provide sysvinit scripts.  Lack of a sysvinit script (for a
> |    daemon which contains integration with at least one other init
> |    system) is an RC bug in jessie.

As said elsewhere, I think there should be a paragraph about packages
that depend on a specific init system for reasons other than service
startup, e.g.

4. The above criterium also extends to dependencies that are not related
   to service startup. In jessie, no package may depend on a single
   initsystem other than sysvinit. After jessie, no package may depend
   on a single init system other than the default init.

or alternatively   

4. Packages may, however, depend on a specific init system (which may
   not be the default init) for features that are not related to daemon
   startup. Such packages will only be installable on systems running a
   non-default init, but are permitted in the archive.


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