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Bug#727708: init system discussion status

Bdale Garbee writes ("Bug#727708: init system discussion status"):
> [stuff]

Thanks for posting your views.

You'll have seen Russ's comments on the details and loose ends as I
call them.  Russ and I were mostly agreed on these points.

I have written a draft resolution from my own point of view and
checked it into the tech-ctte git repo.  Perhaps some of it is useful.
Ansgar commented a bit on it on IRC.  I guess I should post it.

> Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
> > FAOD I don't expect all the other TC members to read the whole
> > discussion, which is very extensive.
> Actually, I have.  [...]

Thanks :-).

> So, to summarize, I think systemd should be our choice for a new default
> init system for Debian GNU/Linux.  Where I think we still need to focus
> attention is on how to manage the transition, and how to make *any* new
> init system default for Linux palatable for Debian's non-Linux ports.

I agree with the latter part of this.


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