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New member for the Technical Committee - formal proposal

I think we're agreed on the process.  So I hereby propose the
following resolution.  I'm splitting it into sections because I
anticipate that other TC members will put forward other names
(formally speaking, those would be proposed amendments).  In two
weeks' time (say, 2013-11-21 14:00Z) I will call for a vote on all of
the names put forward by TC members.

Other TC members: please put forward the names you think should be on
this ballot.  Constitutionally it's up to each TC member to decide
what the threshold is for that, but IMO it probably shouldn't include
anyone you would rank below Further Discussion.

Proposed ballot:

  Intro, common to all non-FD options:

  1. The Technical Committee thanks all the candidates who put
     themselves forward for the vacant TC seat.

  2. We appreciate the opportunity to select from a strong field of

  Option Packard:

  3. We propose to the DPL that Keith Packard should be appointed
     to the TC.  (Constitution 6.2(2))


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