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Re: Draft GR for supermajority fix

On Mon, Jul 09, 2012 at 04:11:21AM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
>    Therefore, in the Debian Constitution amend A.6(3) as follows:
>        3. Any (non-default) option which does not defeat the default
>           option by its required majority ratio is dropped from
>           consideration.
>            1. Given two options A and B, V(A,B) is the number of voters
>               who prefer option A over option B.
>     -      2. An option A defeats the default option D by a majority
>     -         ratio N, if V(A,D) is strictly greater than N * V(D,A).
>     -      3. If a supermajority of S:1 is required for A, its majority
>     -         ratio is S; otherwise, its majority ratio is 1.
>     +      2. An option A defeats the default option D by its
>     +         required majority ratio if:
>     +          (a) V(A,D) is strictly greater than V(D,A); and
>     +          (b) if a supermajority of N:M is required for A,
>     +              M * V(A,D) is greater than or equal to N * V(D,A).

M currently can only be 1.

I'm also not very happy with the wording of supermajority.  It's
not really defined what it means, but is used.  For instance talks about a "3:1 majority" and not about a
supermajority.  I will probably translate this to if N > 1
for use in devotee.

>    For the avoidance of any doubt, this change does not affect any
>    votes (whether General Resolutions or votes in the Technical
>    Committee) in progress at the time the change is made.

This also means that either all votes will start and stop at the
same time, or the next one will have to wait until this vote is
over.  I don't want to run 2 instances of devotee.


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