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Bug#665851: Bug#597050: GNU parallel, name conflict with moreutils

I think it's illustrative of the upstream for "GNU parallel" that

- It includes a /usr/bin/sql program, which is the best example of
  namespace pollution I have ever thought of.
- It has a completely absurd number of options including gems such as 
  --skip-first-line (because tail is too hard?), --trim (because sed is
  too hard to use?) --xargs (???), and has already grown real bloat
  that includes the ability to tranfer files between computers.
  It is 5143 lines of code, and the anthethesis of a simple, clean,
  well-designed unix command.
- The parallem program contains code that detects if stdin is a terminal
  and whines at the user in a most non-unix way.
- Its author is apparently not aware of this when responding to bug
  reports, and tries to use it as a justification to remove the --tollef
  compatability option, which it has nothing to do with.
- The --tollef compatability option is not compatible with even the
  first example on the man page of that program.
- The --tollef compatability option was, AFAIK, named without getting
  the permission of the person it refers to, and therefore essentially
  drags his good name through the mud.
- (It's also wasted far, far more of our collective time than it's worth.)

At this point, I feel that "GNU parallel" is at best doing nothing but
reinforcing negative stereotypes about the GNU project producing
bloatware, and at worst, indicates that the GNU project provides
false legitimacy to projects at this level of quality.

see shy jo

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