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Bug#665851: Bug#597050: GNU parallel, name conflict with moreutils

Στις 24-05-2012, ημέρα Πεμ, και ώρα 21:11 +0100, ο/η Ian Jackson έγραψε:
> Joey Hess writes ("Bug#665851: Bug#597050: GNU parallel, name conflict with moreutils"):
> > Ian Jackson wrote:
> > > Ah, I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood your comments in #597050.  
> > > I took them for an objection, rather than a request for help.
> > 
> > I sent a grand total of two sentances to that bug report.
> > I will assume that "I have not had any time to work on it" did not
> > cause that misunderstanding. This leaves:
> This situation still seems unresolved.
> What do other tech-ctte members think ?
> Ian.


just FYI, GNU parallel is already in Wheezy, in a way that does not
conflict with moreutils (cf. the last messages in Bug#518696).

George Zarkadas

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