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Re: chiark -ctte copies

On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 07:39:28PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> I'm still getting duplicates of the -ctte lists via:

> Received: from chiark.greenend.org.uk ([])
>         by azure.erisian.com.au with esmtp (Exim 4.63 #1 (Debian))
>         id 1LLRLI-0008BV-QK
>         for <aj@erisian.com.au>; Sat, 10 Jan 2009 10:04:45 +1000
> Received: from liszt.debian.org ([])
>         by chiark.greenend.org.uk (Debian Exim 3.36 #1) with esmtp
>         (return-path
>         bounce-debian-ctte=ijackson+debian-ctte=chiark.greenend.org.uk@lists.deb
>         ian.org) id 1LLRLG-0001R1-00 for
>         ijackson+debian-ctte@chiark.greenend.org.uk; Sat, 10 Jan 2009 00:04:42
>         +0000

> I think that was to make the -ctte-private list work or something, so I've
> just been ignoring them, but it'd be nice if they could stop now, pls. :)

I think this was something Ian set up to make sure the TC members were never
unsubscribed from the list accidentally?  Which has never happened to me -
I'd be happy to not receive these duplicates myself...

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