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Re: "technical issues" and d-i access

On 8/14/06, Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> wrote:
aba@not.so.argh.org (Andreas Barth) writes:
> So, my question is: How can we streamline this?

I've had one possibly useful thought about this, that I'd love to have some
feedback on from other committee members.

What if we chose to divide along the boundary of whether a question directly
affects the content that ends up in a Debian package, or on a user's system
through other processes?  Anything can have an indirect impact, and this may
not always be a clearly black and white boundary, but it seems to me that it
might be a good guideline?

I think a better approach would be to come up with a list of things
we consider technical issues.

Software not functioning the way it is supposed to would seem to
be a technical issue.  Likewise, changing the way something
operates which causes other software to break is a technical
issue.  And so on...

The package scope thing seems more aimed at other aspects
of our mandate than at the "is this really a technical issue" question.


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