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Re: "technical issues" and d-i access

aba@not.so.argh.org (Andreas Barth) writes:

> So, my question is: How can we streamline this?

I've had one possibly useful thought about this, that I'd love to have some
feedback on from other committee members.

What if we chose to divide along the boundary of whether a question directly
affects the content that ends up in a Debian package, or on a user's system
through other processes?  Anything can have an indirect impact, and this may 
not always be a clearly black and white boundary, but it seems to me that it 
might be a good guideline?

So, things like which options are used to build a package, what modifications
to the code are included, how Debian-specific utilities and applications work,
how the contents of different packages interact, which external standards the
project chooses to adhere to, etc, are clearly all subjects the Technical 
Committee can be asked to take up.  

On the other hand, things like which developers have access to which project 
resources do not directly affect what ends up in on a Debian user's system 
and thus could be thought of as less technical and best taken up by the DPL.

Does that help at all?  


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