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Bug#367709: requesting libstdc++ .udeb in order to produce c++ based images based on d-i technology (but not d-i).

reassign 367709 gcc-4.0,tech-ctte

* Andreas Barth (aba@not.so.argh.org) [060605 20:43]:
> the gcc maintainers decided that they will add it only when the d-i
> maintainers need it, and the d-i maintainer decided to not need it.
> Actually, even Sven doesn't want it for d-i, so he asks us to overwrite
> the decision of the gcc maintainers.

After some more discussion on IRC, we noticed that there are different
interpretations of what the gcc maintainers supposed to have said. For
this reason, I'm re-assigning this bug report to also gcc-4.0.

Matthias, is there any decision from you whether to add an libstdc++
udeb or not, and if so, which? Please reassign this bug report back to
the tech ctte until there happens to be a decision everyone is happy
with. Sorry for troubling you, and thanks for your help.


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