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vote time again: stepping down as chair

According to the agreed-upon schedule, I'm now overdue to step down as chair
and it's time for us to vote Bdale in.

We have a one-week voting period before a new chair is named, of course; and
I don't think it helps anything to have the seat vacant for that week, in
spite of my tardiness.  So I'm announcing with this mail that I will vacate
the position of committee chair on April 18, i.e., 1 week from today.

Regrettably, there hasn't been any discussion since the end of the last vote
about how to manage these rotations properly without adding undue overhead,
so I guess that may be something we need to discuss again this round.  For
my part, I definitely think that a 1-month rotation would be too short,
regardless of whether any voting was required, just because anything that
happens in the TC takes long enough that we would be doing a whole lot of
shuffling of current business between chairs.

Then again, I failed to step down on time because I was focusing on
resolving the devmapper question first; so maybe asking each chair to
conclude one item of business per month would actually improve the
committee's efficacy? :)

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