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Re: testing committee email (and minor essay)

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 20:25:05 -0500, Raul Miller <moth@debian.org> said: 

> The committee has never been popular.  People have objected to its
> actions, its inactions, its existence, and its members.  Currently,
> there seems to be a number of people calling for new committee
> members.

	I would welcome fresh blood to the committee. I am not sure I
 agree wit the critics of the inaction. I have always felt that
 invoking the ctte was an action of the last resort, when all normal
 attempts at resolution had failed. Due to the broad powers over
 technical issues the ctte has, it is nice that it is not invoked more
 often.  I am not sure that a body with so much power, and so little
 practical oversight, should be more proactive and go poking around
 without being invited, really.

	Unless my memory serves me incorrectly, the issues that have
 been brought forth before the ctte have come to a resolution, with or
 without a direct pronouncement ex-cathedra from the ctte.  Indeed,
 that is a welcome outcome, rather than a failure;  since the problem
 was resolved. The job is to see that the issues are settled, not to
 make pronouncements.

> Despite this (or perhaps because of this) there has been a singular
> lack of people saying anything resembling: "I'd like to join the
> technical committee.  Here's why I think I'd do a particularly good
> job ___...  Would anyone like to step down and let me take their
> place, or could the active members allow me to replace someone
> inactive?"

	We do not need people to step down in order to add new
 blood. And we could go about recruiting, either coming up with a
 list of names and discreetly asking people if they wanted to serve,
 or letting people nominate others. There are a number of people whose
 technical process of diplomatic abilities I admire in the project, it
 would be the time to ask such people.

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