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Re: testing committee email (and minor essay)

moth@debian.org (Raul Miller) writes:

> I'm sending this message as a test message, because my MDA has been
> changed, and I want to make sure I still get committee email.


> Currently, there seems to be a number of people calling for new committee 
> members.

There may be a couple of genuinely inactive participants on the current 
committee roster it would make sense to replace.  This would be a good topic
for our new DPL, whoever that ends up being, to take up with the committee
after the election is past.

Meanwhile, my observation is that most of the noise about the committee comes
from people who would like the committee to take a more active guiding role 
in Debian, as opposed to limiting ourselves to the narrow set of "ultimate 
decision making" responsibilities defined in our constitution.  However, it is
not clear to me that this is desireable, since for most things I can think of
where the technical committee might choose to take a proactive stance, there 
is probably already some other group of participants in the project better 
equipped to make and carry forward suitable proposals.

I hope everyone in Debian understands that we stand ready and willing to 
tackle any issue within our charter that is brought to us.  It would be
unfortunate if issues aren't brought to us because there is some perception
that we're inactive or uninterested in helping resolve conflicts!


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