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Re: testing committee email (and minor essay)

> The committee has never been popular.  People have
> objected to its actions, its inactions, its existence,
> and its members.

Well, I like the members, more or less.

> Currently, there seems to be a number of people
> calling for new committee members.

Okay, but is the issue personal or constitutional?  That
is, do they call because they dislike Raul and his
friends, or because they wonder whether the Technical
Committee's underlying constitutional basis could not be
improved?  One doubts that it were the former.  So,
suppose that it were the latter.  In this case, what
sort of constitutional amendment, if any, might the
committee members advise the Project to adopt?  For
example, would the committee think it proper to limit
tenure, or to entrust the selection of members to the
Project as a whole?

I suspect that better ideas than these will occur to
you.  Not yet a DD, I lack the right to ask questions in
any event.  However, if permitted, I would observe that
if the issue is constitutional not personal, and if
there is indeed a limited crisis of Project confidence,
then changing the committee's membership seems unlikely
to solve the underlying problem in the long term.  You
want not new members but new rules.  New rules would
lead to new members, perhaps, but gradually, in the
orderly due course of time.

If you had ideas along these lines, I suspect that I'd
not be the only one interested to read them.

Thaddeus H. Black
508 Nellie's Cave Road
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060, USA
+1 540 961 0920, t@b-tk.org

P.S.:  Raul, your test worked.

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