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Re: building packages for sparc

* Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> [2004-12-12 12:21]:
> How will having a build succeed and be uploaded by a buildd admin
> solve this problem?  If the package builds successfully, whether in
> a buildd or by hand, how will the uploader necessarily know that the
> package works?  Or do buildd admins manually test all the
> functionality of every package their buildd makes?

In the specific case of mips I gave, old auto* files will lead to
broken packages but the package will build anyway.  However, you can
tell from the output of auto* that the version used is too old.  In
general, the buildd maintainer will know what kind of problems to look
for while other people won't. (Documenting these issues is hard, I've
been told, because they often change, depending on the toolchain and
other things).

But yeah, in order to be totally sure, packages would need good test
suites, which is something free software is generally bad at. :-(
Martin Michlmayr

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