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building packages for sparc


The sparc buildd machine vore is struggling to keep up with the volume
of uploads to sid, auric is not acting as a buildd due to disk problems.

The sparc buildd maintainer has not been filing ftbfs bugs for over 6
months, and has left packages in the "building" state for 3 months
when they just needed requeued due to dependency issues that were fixed
within a day of the original upload.  (Also, packages are never being
marked "not for us" so the buildd machine keeps wasting time trying to
build and rebuild them.)

I volunteered a machine of mine (twice as fast as vore) to act as a
buildd with myself doing the buildd machine maintenance and uploading.
No reply was received, I later found out one was sent but the sparc
buildd maintainer directly refused a request of the dpl to resend the

I was building packages in a pbuilder environment and uploading when I
felt appropriate.  The sparc buildd maintainer insisted that I stop
doing so, claiming that I was causing problems for the security team.
He refused to elaborate or discuss this claim.

I emailed the dpl asking what I should do in this situation, and he
never answered my direct question.  When I continued to sign and
upload packages, the sparc buildd maintainer threatened to make sure I
could not do it.

Months have passed, the sparc "needs-built" queue is rarely if ever
empty anymore, and many packages are sitting the "building" stage
waiting for appropriate action on the part of the buildd maintainer.


	Should I build, sign, and upload packages where I understand why
the buildd failed, and believe that a rebuild would succeed?

	Should I build, sign, and upload packages where I understand
why the buildd failed, and it was due to a problem with the buildd
that would need to be fixed before a rebuild would succeed?  (Examples
of this are where the sbuild environment was corrupted by a broken
package, and /proc not being mounted in the sbuild chroot.)

Blars Blarson			blarson@blars.org
With Microsoft, failure is not an option.  It is a standard feature.

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