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last call on Draft Call for Applications

I sent a very similar draft to the one below to the committee in
August.  No-one replied with any comments.  Do I take it you're all
happy ?  If so I'll send it to d-d-a (after checking that the
debian-ctte-private list actually works).


To: debian-devel-announce
Subject: Call for Applications to the Technical Committee
Reply-To: debian-ctte-private@lists.debian.org


The Technical Committee is established by the Debian Constitution,
section 6.  We are the body which makes the final decision on
technical disputes in the Debian project.

(See http://www.debian.org/devel/tech-ctte.)

Currently, the active members are:
    * Bdale Garbee
    * Ian Jackson (chairman)
    * Manoj Srivastava
    * Raul Miller
    * Wichert Akkerman
    * Jason Gunthorpe
There is also one inactive member:
    * Guy Maor

We feel that 6 is too small an active membership, and are considering
adding up to two new members (replacing Guy if we decide to appoint
two new members).  In a breach with usual Debian tradition, we're
doing this by posting a call for applications.  The project is too
large for us to know personally all the possible candidates.

So, we would like to you to put yourself forward if you feel you are
able and willing.  Please also encourage people who you know are
technically excellent to apply.

                        JOB DESCRIPTION

For you to apply, ideally:

* Your technical skills are exceptionally good.
* Your ability to reason and and argue is exceptionally good.
* You are able to have a constructive discussion even when you
  disagree strongly with people.
* You have substantial experience in the Debian Project; preferably,
  you will understand well both the technical and organisational
* You have a strong reputation and respect in the Project and
  elsewhere in the Free Software world.

What the job involves:

* You will have to read the list debian-ctte@lists.debian.org.
  Traffic is moderate; see the archives at
* It is best if you participate in the discussions, when you have
  something relevant to say.
* If you have been following a discussion, you should vote if and when
  the time comes (ie, simply sending a reply to a CFV email).

  The total time involved should be no more than 1-2 hours per week in
  busy times, and consists almost entirely of answering email.

What is not very important:

* You do not need to be available 100% of the time.  If you take a
  holiday or have a work crisis, that's fine.  The committee can
  function even with some absenteeism.
* You do not need to currently be a maintainer of an important package
  or packages, or be deeply involved in other parts of Debian's key
* You do not need to be an expert on any or all of the software in
  Debian; the design and behaviour of software should be explained
  during our discussions.


Please send your application to debian-ctte-private@lists.debian.org.
It would be helpful to you if you could provide some information to
help us make our decision.

* How long have you been involved with Free Software, and with
Debian ?  What is your current involvement with Debian ?

* What TWO pieces of Free code that you have written are you most
proud of, and why ?  Please provide URLs so we can go look at them.

* We would like to get an idea of your discussion skills by reviewing
a couple of email or USENET argument you were involved in and you
think you made a substantial and helpful contribution to.  (It doesn't
matter if the ultimate decision went against you.)  Please provide TWO
references, including URLs, to appropriate archive locations, and
any commentary that you think might help your application :-).


1. You have until the **** 30 DAYS FROM NOW ***

2. Please try to keep your answers reasonably short.  We don't want
   whole essays here.

3. URLs should be accessible with a variety of web browsers and not
   require registration or cookies.


The exact process will depend on the number of applications.  If there
are many, we may prepare a shortlist, first, and then publish, on
debian-devel-announce, a list of the (shortlisted) candidates and will
invite comments to be published, as well as being considered by the
committee.  Throughout we will keep the Project Leader informed.

When we're done collecting information, and arguing, we will decide
how many of the applicants (if any) we wish to appoint.  If the
Project Leader agrees, the new members are appointed.

In accordance with the Constitution, our votes will be public.  To
avoid too much acrimony we will hold our actual discussions on the
private mailing list, copying the Project Leader.

When we are deciding, we will remember that it is much more important
to have only really good people on the committee, than it is to have
many people.  If we can't find enough candidates that we're
sufficiently convinced about, we will stay with the status quo.

We may decide on a somewhat different process when we see the
applications, after the closing date.

Ian Jackson, at home.           Local/personal: ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk
ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk       http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~ijackson/

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