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Re: Bug#154950: Gnome 2 transition

Le Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 12:50:14AM +0100, Ian Jackson écrivait:
>   The Technical Committee is of the opinion that:

Sorry, but what you're saying is absolutely not in sync with the
discussion on debian-ctte.

>   * Gnome1 and Gnome2 can sensibly coexist on installed systems, and
>     they should not be gratuitously prevented from doing so;

This is wrong.

>   * Gnome1 and Gnome2 should both be available in unstable for the
>     release manager to choose from, provided maintenance effort is
>     available for both;

This is the core of the debate.

> Let me know what you think.  I'm going to be away until Sunday night;
> if there's no disagreement or amendments or anything by then I'll call
> for a vote.

I have never asked for a vote on something like that. We had previous
discussions that laid to 3 choices (look at my initial mail). I'm asking
you to choose between the 3 realistic choices, no more.

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