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Re: Bug#154950: Gnome 2 transition

See my previous mail for discussion.  I hereby propose the following

  The Technical Committee is of the opinion that:

  * Gnome1 and Gnome2 can sensibly coexist on installed systems, and
    they should not be gratuitously prevented from doing so;

  * Gnome1 and Gnome2 should both be available in unstable for the
    release manager to choose from, provided maintenance effort is
    available for both;

  * Whether Gnome1, Gnome2 or both should be in testing, or future
    releases, is a decision for the release manager.

  * There is no problem with the Gnome2 packages maintaining a `2'
    suffix in the package name.

  We therefore resolve this matter as follows:

  * All the Gnome2 packages shall have `2' appended to the package
    name (or possibly embedded in the middle), so that they do not
    replace or clash with the Gnome1 packages.  The Gnome2 maintainers
    should prepare appropriate packages at their convenience.

  * Gnome2 shall be uploaded into unstable as soon as the files
    are prepared.

  * Gnome1 shall remain in unstable until it falls into disrepair.

  * Gnome2 shall retain the `2' suffixes indefinitely.  If it is
    proposed to remove the `2' suffix at some point in the future, the
    Technical Committee shall be kept informed.

Let me know what you think.  I'm going to be away until Sunday night;
if there's no disagreement or amendments or anything by then I'll call
for a vote.

If you think I'm jumping the gun let me know and I'll back off.


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