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Bug#97671: RFD: Essential packages, /, and /usr

>>"Branden" == Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:

 Branden> If:

 Branden> * "Release critical bugs are _very_ rare."; and
 Branden> * Release critical bugs should be the domain of the Release Manager,

 Branden> Then we really don't need a tight connection between the
 Branden> "serious" severity and release-criticality at all.
 Branden> Release-criticality can be a tag -- whether that is
 Branden> expressed in debbugs along with "security", "moreinfo",
 Branden> "patch" and so forth or in a webpage like bugscan is
 Branden> immaterial.

 Branden> This tag -- no matter how it is expressed -- is the Release
 Branden> Manager's domain.  People can propose that a bug be treated
 Branden> as release-critical and, perhaps, if it seems warranted, we
 Branden> can make this a debbugs tag and possibly automatically set
 Branden> it for all critical, grave, and serious bugs.

 Branden> The Release Manager can strip the "release-critical" tag off
 Branden> of any bug he wants.  This is how things have *always*
 Branden> worked in reality.  If a bug is truly a showstopper for a
 Branden> release, we don't release with it.  We either wait, fix the
 Branden> bug, or drop the package.

	I find myself in strong and vehement agrement with Branden on
 this point.


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