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Bug#119517: #119517 (wrt: Konq and SSL)

Yes, I know the Konqueror example was contrived, and I *DO* realize that
the URL handling all comes from a different library.  The example was
given to prove a point, not to be an exact comparison.

If I install a web browser, and I'm not overly familiar with Debian
policy WRT to crypto export, I expect SSL to work out of the box.  Out
of the box, however, there's a fair chance that it won't work, and the
message if fairly cryptic.  This is an example of a package that
provides most of its functions, but not all.

pcmcia-cs is the same way... cardinfo is a *function* of pcmcia-cs, it's
not the raison d'être of the entire package.  Many people who install
pcmcia-cs probably never even run the cardinfo binary.  I know I

All along, however, my argument hasn't been one of "throw dependencies
to the wind, and declare them on a whim", but rather that a simple
wrapper with a friendly "you need package: foo installed to run this
app" would be helpful.  Manoj's suggestion of a fully functional console
version that delivers similar functionality, and launches the X version
if DISPLAY is present is even nicer, but more work.

... Adam

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