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Bug#119517: #119517 (wrt: Konq and SSL)

I would just like to clear up a very incorrect assertion:
> In today's world, SSL web pages are nearly a MUST for a web browser,
> so does this mean we have lost "expected functionality", and konqueror
> should depend on the crypto support, and move to non-US?  Or should we
> perhaps have two completely separate builds of ANY KDE application that
> has SSL support, {app|app-ssl}, nearly doubling KDE's size in the archive

This assertion is unfounded and incorrect. Please do your homework
before saying things like this.

Konq knows nothing of the https protocol. A KDE library, kio_https.so,
is generated, which handles all of the functions for secure HTTP. Konq
knows nothing of this, it just passes the URL to KIO raw, without
knowing or caring.

Besides, kde{libs,base}-crypto are independent and tiny packages; Ivan
Moore has done some voodoo to get it to build only the SSL-dependant
libraries. The man is a modern genius.

While I'm here, let me point out that that only causes an error message
within Konqueror when trying to access certain sites. Almost everything
you want to do, will work, when the Depends are satisfied. OTOH,
cardinfo will completely and totally refuse to work. You will get
exactly zero functionality of it, and thus I feel that it must declare a
Depends, not a Suggests.


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