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Re: Beefing up the Technical Committee

Raul Miller writes ("Re: Beefing up the Technical Committee"):
> I'm concerned about you not being able to sign messages for a month.
> I can either toss the signature requirement on ballots, have you abstain
> until you get things set up, consider the fact that you're able to send
> mail from master.debian.org as sufficient proof, or come up with some
> other system.
> Anyone else have any strong leanings here?

Since all the committee get all the mails anyway automatically, I
don't think forged messages are likely to be a problem - you'd spot
them because you'd get them.  But, if you still want signatures, Guy
could create a temporary key and you could phone him up at his phone
number (which you must have on record somewhere), or he could put the
new public key in his filespace.


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