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Re: Beefing up the Technical Committee

On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 11:16:41AM -0500, Guy Maor wrote:
> Hi all, I would still like to participate in the tech committee.  Also I
> vote yes to recommend Bdale as a new member.  I can't sign this message
> because my personal machine is in storage.  (I've changed jobs and am
> temporarily living in Sunnyvale for a month before moving back to Austin.)

It looks like we'll be able to decide this issue without your signature.

I'm concerned about you not being able to sign messages for a month.

I can either toss the signature requirement on ballots, have you abstain
until you get things set up, consider the fact that you're able to send
mail from master.debian.org as sufficient proof, or come up with some
other system.

Anyone else have any strong leanings here?

Personally, I'm inclined to take "able to sign on as maor at
master.debian.org" as sufficient proof.  If master has been hacked we've
got other problems (like the integrity of our archives).



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