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Re: Status of cross-building Python extension modules

Thanks, Helmut.

This is all helpful. As you say, you can use qemu to run foreign
binaries. Is this something that can ever be depended on at
package-build time? I have two scenarios I'm looking at right now:

1. Tests. You talked about this in your last email. I'm going to look up
   the profile stuff you mentioned

2. Docs. One of my packages builds the binary python modules (by
   cross-building potentially), and then loads the built modules to
   produce the documentation. This can only work in emulation.
   Suggestions on how to handle this? To clarify, the build system
   builds binaries (shipped into python3-XXX:any) and docs (shipped into
   python3-XXX-doc:all), but the docs are built by running the binaries,
   which isn't possible when cross-building, unless we have emulation.


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