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Re: The state of cross building

Hi Timo,

On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 05:18:22PM +0100, Timo Weingärtner wrote:
> make just defaults CC to cc so setting CC in the surrounding environment works 
> as intended, even without a Makefile. Just try: "CC=clang make foo" with a 
> foo.c in the directory.

I stand corrected about this simple case. I am not sure why this
approach failed for me in a number of places.

This still leaves the question of who is responsible for setting CC. The
options presented thus far are dpkg-buildpackage, dh_auto_build and the
source package. In the absence of consensus on this question, the third
option is a safe choice. So that's what I am using now. Alas, I do see
room for improvement here.


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