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Re: The state of cross building

Hi Helmut,

2016-01-31 15:58:17 Helmut Grohne:
> Unfortunately, for Makefile based build systems we cannot simply pass CC
> to the build. Exporting it as an environment variable, will not help
> much as make defines CC as a builtin variable, which overrides the
> environment. In the vast majority of cases, exporting is not enough.  In
> particular, libpam-pwdfile is an example where this is happening and
> where having dpkg-buildpackage export CC does not fix the build.

make just defaults CC to cc so setting CC in the surrounding environment works 
as intended, even without a Makefile. Just try: "CC=clang make foo" with a 
foo.c in the directory.

There are however packages that explicitly set CC (to gcc) and other variables 
in the Makefile which is very annoying and IMO a bug.


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