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Re: open source Solution for Active Directory Services

Hi Satya!

}}My primary Goal is to set up a Linux box having Directory where all other mix of Windows and Linux client will join to this domain. }}Most of the client machines would be windows xp.
Good choice!

}}I have already googled for this requirement and understood that it can be done with Open LDAP and Samba, but I would love
}}here the experience of the people who have already implemented this solution.
That's right, you can use Open LDAP and Samba.

Here you are a usefull link. You can read this HOWTO  (or the original one) and "build" a new Linux PDC with no problems...
[original in italian]
[here traslated in english] http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/trurl_load?lp=it_en&url="">

Hope It helps you!

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