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Re: Need commercial help

On Thu, November 17, 2005 19:50, Thomas Drillich said:
> Hello Mr. Gangoly,
> may I could help, but a few questions before,
> a) Do you need help on building custom debian kernel-package for your
>     driver, or must the driver being written or patched.

Many RAID controllers are not supported or not fully supported by the
Debian kernels for multiple reasons. A patch will be required for the

> b) Must the kernel boot from scsi-raid or could it boot from ide.

I guess scsi-raid.

> c) Is the kernel version fixed, or is an update to 2.6 possible when
>     newer (better) drivers available.

I guess this is something interesting. Debian Sarge sticks to 2.6.8. Now
if you need support for devices which aren't supported by 2.6.8 that'll
need backporting.

> d) Is there a need to have the special Server on our side, or
>     could the work be done remotly on your side via ssh.

I guess this can be done on ssh with some help from gangoly.

Ritesh Raj Sarraf
RESEARCHUT -- http://www.researchut.com
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