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Re: Need commercial help

Hello Mr. Gangoly,

may I could help, but a few questions before,

a) Do you need help on building custom debian kernel-package for your     
    driver, or must the driver being written or patched.
b) Must the kernel boot from scsi-raid or could it boot from ide.
c) Is the kernel version fixed, or is an update to 2.6 possible when 
    newer (better) drivers available.
d) Is there a need to have the special Server on our side, or
    could the work be done remotly on your side via ssh.

To submit You a fair offer, I need a precise description of your needs 
and the possible hardware setups.

Am Mittwoch, 16. November 2005 04:35 schrieb Rishi:
> I need some commercial help ......
> Area of expertise needed: driver module compilation for SCSI
> controller to get RAID manager software to work on Debian.
> Server: IBM xSeries 236 Type 8841
> Kernel: kernel 2.4.27-2-386

mit freundlichem Gruss -- regards

Thomas Drillich
Heugasse 4 / D-55116 Mainz / Germany
fon +49 (0)6131 570 26 21
fax +49 (0)180 506 033 437 443

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