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Re: Debian Co-location in USA

I suggest starting by reselling 1U spaces at a slight premium for the
Debian support, and making an agreement with the ISP that you can
convert your customers into a rack at some point.  It doesn't hurt an
ISP to offer it if they have the capability.  I know a debian friendly
ISP that I can pitch this to if there is a very experienced Debian
sysadmin that would like to put up a website offering it at his colo.
It's not hard to find the ISP's that use free software, and a phone
call to the head of sales should not be hard to manage.  If you have
the numbers all worked out, I think you stand a decent chance of
convincing one or more of them to post it as a product.  It just
doesn't cost them much to add something to the website and sell it in
addition to other things, particularly if they are not supporting it.
What kind of returns could you show an ISP?  I would be glad to help
with advice or phone calls, etc.


On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Russell Coker wrote:

> The economy is not particularly good right now and many Debian developers 
> don't have as much work as they would like.
> Maybe this is a good business opportunity for a group of Debian developers in 
> a place such as the Netherlands, Germany, or the US.  There is reasonable 
> profit in hiring hosting space by the rack and renting it out by the 1U.
> I'm sure that there are some companies who want Debian servers hosted and will 
> be prepared to pay a little extra to have Debian developers run them.

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