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Re: Debian Co-location in USA

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 11:32:38AM -0400, Dale E Martin wrote:
> > Maybe this is a good business opportunity for a group of Debian
> > developers in a place such as the Netherlands, Germany, or the US.  There
> > is reasonable profit in hiring hosting space by the rack and renting it
> > out by the 1U.
> Do have experience with this business model elsewhere?  I believe in this
> area there is a lack of linux hosting in any form, let alone Debian.  It's
> an interesting idea.

Here in Germany there seem to be quite a lot of isp's supporting
debian who rent out dedicated machines and/or rackspace.

Personaly I have experience with Hetzner (http://www.hetzner.de) who
have quite affordable prices and acceptable service.

I would be interrested how the situation is in New Zealand regarding
linux hosting (if anybody happens to read this), and what people there
think of linux.  I am wondering about starting a consultant bussiness

Thanks and bye,

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