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Re: status of debian-consultants mailing list

Hi All,

I think Josip already graciously allowed us an extention to the life
the list in his last post.

Let's prove his decision to let us continue was right and talk about
consulting now instead. ;-)


> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
> >> Personally I don't believe that it is a technical decision. IME for
> >> moderate values of N there's no extra admin involved in N+1 lists,
> >> than there is for N, therefore it should be of no interested to the
> >> list admins to have a list removed.
> >
> > 	That is up to the list admins to decide.
> So why go throught the effort of posting to the list saying "This list
> is about to be closed" ? Why not just close the list and have done if
> the decision is already made?
> >> In this case please note that the list is now being used and
> >> therefore does not need to be removed.
> >
> > 	This discussion no more on topic for this list than spam is,
> >  and thus does not count.
> I'm not sure. I think it goes to the heart of what consulting is all
> about. 
> "Do debian consultants need debian-consulting" is a valid question for
> this list I think.
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> Richard Watson
> Openia Limited
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