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Re: Debian Consulting

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 19:08:16 -0700 (PDT), Rich Bodo <rsb@ostel.com> said: 

> For me, this frames the problem: So how do we market debian if the
> developers aren't interested and we won't form a commercial
> organization to do it?  So far all I can do is start where I am and
> show debian to others.  A user friendly installer would be a huge
> help.  When I can give a cd to my grandma, and she can boot debian,
> knoppix-like, and just start working, we've completely arrived
> there.

	Since Knoppix uses Debian, why not start there? Or help with
 the Debian installer project, to help Debian get there?

> Like I said before, though, most developers do not care about user
> base.  Even though users become developers and admins which steam
> roll into a better distro, few are shooting for breadth of appeal.
> I'm sure other people have some better ideas.

	The kind of people who become future developers are unlikely
 to be hastened on their path by superior marketing.

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