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Re: Debian Consulting

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003 18:24:04 -0700 (PDT), Rich Bodo <rsb@ostel.com> said: 

> Given the absolutely vast superiority of the Debian Linux OS
> over RedHat, one is led to ask, why can't we make up for the dollars
> with users?

	The dot com bubble bust should have taught us that users do
 not translate directly into oodles of cash?

> The answer is, I believe, that we don't care.  Not

	Quite. The idea is libre software, and freedom to do what we
 will, not making money hand over foot.

> enough of us do, anyway.  I do, you do, but most debian developers
> have no idea what possible value a larger user base and proactive
> marketing effort could have for them.  What's even sadder than that?

	Why don't you enlighten us poor besotten sods, then? 

> The people who understand that Debian's future is at stake don't
> care enough to beat it through the skulls of the lemmings.

	Debian's future depends on making money? How have we survived
 so far? Also, do you realize that these lemmings are the ones who are
 creating this OS?

	manoj, another lemming

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