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Re: status of debian-consultants mailing list

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 08:35:48AM +0800, Stephen Hardman wrote:
> I think this list is vital to the existance of Debian.


> It demonstrates that there is a component of Debian professionals willing
> to discuss consulting on a professional level, even if we have no comment
> at present.

No, not really. It demonstrates that someone in the ancient past thought
that a mailing list described as "Communication among and about Debian
consultants." would be useful enough to exist, and created it. Nothing more,
nothing less.

In fact, I speculate it's less than that, because due to the way the list
was configured I believe it was once used by the consultants web page
maintainers to auto-subscribe people who sent them information about their
consulting business. This was later abolished.

> If it disappears, the image of Debian becomes less commercially viable.

Strawman. Besides, there's still a debian-commercial list if you're so
worried about image.

> To continue pushing for its removal is sort of like trying to
> persuade everyone that professional consulting for Debian is being
> discontinued.

That's so non sequitur it's not even funny...

> It was pretty clear to me that the people were quite willing and
> able to participate further after the last time someone tried to ask
> for its removal.  The feedback appeared to be overwhelmingly positive
> to keep the list running.

No, I didn't get the impression it was overwhelmingly positive. I counted
less than half a dozen for removal, and less than half a dozen against it.
I admit that a couple of mails weren't sent to the list, only to me
personally. But even discarding them, none of the numbers support what's
supposed to be a several year old discussion forum, not by a long shot.
The administrivia discussion is the bulk of traffic and it only managed to
spawn one single thread that seemed remotely relevant to the actual topic.

> Why don't the people who don't believe it needs to exist anymore simply
> unsubscribe?

I'm afraid you've got a bigger issue than that -- I'm proposing this in my
capacity as one of listmaster@lists.debian.org >:)

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