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Re: Looking for commercial consulting in the EU or world-wide

On Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 07:17:54PM -0400, Clint Guillot wrote:
> So far it seems to be only small companies all over the place with little
> cohesion.  

I second that.  Respresenting a small company based in Germany we
are not big enough to offer this level of support. But I know a couple
of companies which support GNU/Linux on different levels.
They might be able to provide this support at least in Germany and
they will do so if the contract is big enough. Debian business is not that 
big right now, so better German companies will have a broad
range of offers.

> Even this list, originally envisioned to bring consultants together (and by
> extension to allow one to get referrals across the world) seems to have
> floundered.

At least it is not completly dead. Our listing in the Debian Consultant
page never resulted in any contact, though.

Just my 0.02 Euro,

> "W. Borgert" wrote:
> > somebody I know wants to sell Debian based specialized
> > computers into different countries and would like to point
> > his customers to good quality support companies.  Ideally it
> > would be a company that gives support (telephone, internet,
> > on-site) world-wide or at least in Germany, Sweden, and
> > Italy.  The price is not the most important issue, but
> > quality is.  Is there such a company?  What are your
> > experiences with the quality of such a support?

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