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Re: Looking for commercial consulting in the EU or world-wide

So far it seems to be only small companies all over the place with little
cohesion.  IBM global services announced with much fanfare some time back that
they would be supporting linux, and specifically Debian, but they seem to have
forgotten to tell their sales folks that it exists at all.

Even this list, originally envisioned to bring consultants together (and by
extension to allow one to get referrals across the world) seems to have

All that I can speak about is our company, we're available in central VA, USA.
But perhaps we could try again with this list, or someone knows of another
repository for this info?


"W. Borgert" wrote:

> Hallo,
> somebody I know wants to sell Debian based specialized
> computers into different countries and would like to point
> his customers to good quality support companies.  Ideally it
> would be a company that gives support (telephone, internet,
> on-site) world-wide or at least in Germany, Sweden, and
> Italy.  The price is not the most important issue, but
> quality is.  Is there such a company?  What are your
> experiences with the quality of such a support?
> Thanks in advance!
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> debacle@debian.org
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