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Re: Can we do something now?

About the Debian Consultants Group, after reading the other mail there
only seems to be a few issues that need to be dealt with.

1. How do we decide who should belong the the initial group.

2. How do we decide who gets to join in the future.

3. What sort of knowledge base do we want to build for our use and
for public use.

4. Fees?

I suggest that any fees are only to meet infrastructure expenses of our
collective effort.

5. What level of certificates do we want to have. What level of
knowledge does each need to have. 

These levels should reflect what corporate customers would require from
employees, and what we require from ourselves. Perhaps we should start
from: Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Systems Engineer, Teacher
and Consultant.

The knowledge base is very important since Debian 2.0.2 has 1525
packages. I don't know how many people know what all 1525 do, how to
configure them and whether the package is fully functional. Each of us
will have a different area of expertise and being able to help one
another will increase our value as consultants, teachers and evangelists
of the Debian GNU/Linux Way.

Perhaps contributing to the knowledge base and refereeing contributions
to the knowledge base will be part of how we accept consultants.

The only real way to learn Linux/Unix etc. is to sit down and play with
it. This is the source of all expertise.

To maintain high standard there also has to be a way to remove the
privileges of consultants who exhibit unethical behavior. This is a
problem that the American Medical Association has not addressed and has
led large numbers of medical malpractice suits. Our credibility will
depend upon the credibility of all of our members.

I think any collective effort amoung the Debian consultant will be
valuable to us and our customers both present and future.

Dave Gay
VP Development
Program Works, Software, Inc.

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